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My name is Londin also known as “OhSo Lo” and I would like to welcome you to my website!

I started The OhSo Lo Show in December of 2018. YouTube has always been so super fun to me and I literally watch It everyday! My mom (Str8beatnochasa) was so tired of me being “glued” to YouTube that she decided to help me create my own.

The OhSo Lo show focuses on my hobbies Cheerleading, Hanging with my friends, Challenges, DIY’s, Family and my everyday life! My mother is the owner and CEO of Str8beatnochasa LLC. which is a luxury cosmetic line. She actually has many hobbies outside of her career and my all time favorite is her passion for FASHION “as a designer”. My mother has always supported the things that make me happy and helped me have fun while chasing my dreams!

Moral of the story..... this is how I came up with my new business The OSL Boutique! Thanks for your support and please subscribe to my channel. Last but not least, remember “Shine Bright, That’s right”!

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